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January 16, 2011



You have put into words a feeling that I've had for a long time - I procrastinate by doing the same things you do! Thanks for the reminder to just get in there and pick up a brush already.


Yep! Me too! I am working on being more productive and just making art. Thanks for the reminder that it can be "good or bad" - its the lots that matters!

BTW, I love these paintings!


haha, I also lately been using cardboard for my art. I love it but yeah, I can't help it either.


I've just come to your blog for the first time and your post mentions Steven Pressfield - whose book I am reading this minute. It was MEANT TO BE that I came here today!

Love your work Debra, you're now in my bookmark list!

Nancy Patterson

My mother just passed away--she was an artist. I used to buy her all sorts of beautiful papers to work on, but she was comfortable from working on cardboard, scrap pieces. I don't know why, maybe it was because she was brought up during the depression. It hurts me to think that she didn't think she was good enough to work on those papers, but I will never know.

I am going to take those scraps and put them in her sketchbook. They are precious items. Just found your blog through Connie's post. I'm going to follow it...thank you!!

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