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January 04, 2010


Marci Glenn

These are fabulous! Thank you for posting them and telling their story. Love it!
I too so enjoyed Mary Ann's class - I have signed up for her stencilry one. Hugs.


your pages are yummy, can't get enough of the fun in this class. just.must.make.more! glad i'm not the only one finding it hard to stop. Happy new year!


Wonderful pages!!!! I love all the texture. I can't wait to get going on mine!


It seems that everyone is saying the same thing! I need a 12 step program. I joined New Years eve and I've done nothing but this since then!
Love the pages you have created! So nice you were able to find things of your dads to use.


I love your pages! They are so lively! You blog is such an inspiration for me. I am always so excited when I see that you have a new post. Happy New Years


I, too, love your pages. What a great idea to include an old recipe from your dad who passed away when you were young...sorry to hear that. My dad passed away also almost five years ago so it hasn't really sunk in yet. I think I'll include also an old letter from him...thanks for the idea.
I saw some stenciled pages...looks like you also took MA's stencilry class. That class was probably one of the best online classes I've taken. ROD is also one of the best if I may say so. MA absolutely rocks!
Glad to have found your blog...I'll be visiting again.


I love your "remains of the day" journal. I'm taking the class too. I have my pages ready but don't have the cover made yet...doing things backwards. Do like typepad? I'm thinking of changing blogs...I'm taking a poll.


Yours was one of the ones I couldn't wait to see inside of! And you haven't disappointed- just wonderful. I am so impressed that you have started to journal already too!


Wow oh Wow, your pages are fabulous! This part has been a bit hard for me as I don't have good scraps. And I'm trying so hard to step out of the neat and tidy box!
Not only is MA amazing and I'm so excited that I found her but I've also discovered really cool people like you! Lots of exciting things to look at on your blog. Thanks!

Ester Kiely

Very cool notebooks! Will definitely tell my journalling pals about your blog. And I hope to visit often.

laura k

Such cool pages! I love how each one has a story. I have SO enjoyed this class!! Now back to looking around your blog!


Love the pages. I'm working on my cover and loving every moment of it. I've decided not to rush it. I don't really want this project to be finished.


Very cool. Me likes...lol


very cool, you pages.
they make me want to start stitching stuff together - I have lots of pages and haven't got round to scanning them to post or sewing them...having too much fun just making pages.


great pages..haven't even started min yet, although I have been watching all the videos as they have been released.


wow what can I say but that your pages are fabulous!! I love all the fun add ins and colors of course!! need to sew my pages in yet not sure am done with them! will have to see again and then decide! too fun creating them!! enjoy yours!! I know you will and yes here's to 2010 being a better one for us all!!hugs Linda


Ditto to all the above = wonderful pages.
I'm only just starting on mine today so I needed to see what other girls have done.
Thanks for the inspiration


That journal looks great!! I love all the different textures of the pages! :)


oh this is so fantastic i can hardly stand it!


SO fabulous. So fun. addicting. love it!


YUMMY! Those pages are FAB!! I noticed in the post after you have a pouch with pens in it. I want you to know the one you made me a few years ago for the Xams exchange is in constant use. I have it in my bag to hold my precious itouch ipod and earphones. I also have some ID in there and emergency odds and ends. I LOVE IT!!


New to your blog ; I love your art on Flickr! This book is gorgeous and so meaningful. I love that you have little scraps of your dad's handwriting.
What a great idea! As you said, what a great way to use all the special hoarded stuff that might not get used otherwise! Thank you for sharing!

chaz steadman

This thought came up while looking at your beautiful work:
The true history of humanity is not written in the government sponsored history books, but by the loving hands of men, women, boys and girls that allow us a glimpse into their lives and minds, transforming our world.


Your journal is just beautiful... a friend also took Mary Ann's class and now the bug has bitten me to try the technique. 2008 was also a year of sadness for me as I lost both Mom and Dad 9 months apart - the road you travel is (unfortunately) shared by so many of us out here. Wishing you a new year filled with creativity and optimism! Deb

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