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April 19, 2009



Wow, the baskets are GORGEOUS! SO colorful!


Beautiful. I really, really, really want to make a rug like this... A few years ago I splurged and bought a small braided kitchen rug (made in NB from wool strips) and chair pads, but the crafter is sadly retired now -- and of course before I could afford a big one. So this may do for me!


I am in awe of your t-shirt yarn stash! I put my t-shirt loom away after the second scarf, because I've made a goal for myself to finish old projects in April without starting any new ones, but I've still got quite a few balls of yarn to play with. I love the baskets!


Love the baskets!!!


Just gorgeous.


I love how you finished the rug! the baskets are beautyfull too!!


I just had to smile when I saw all these lovely pieces you made! They are chunks of color and goodness all crocheted into something useful.


Your rug and baskets are gorgeous :o)
warm rainbow blessings to you


This all somehowe got me. Now I find myself cutting up old T shirts, looking for more yarn and searching for a pattern to make a bag for my art supplies.
You've done a great job.


The rug and baskets are just great, very colourful. Must get some old t-shirts and give this a go.


yum! I love these... is there a tutorial on it I wonder? *hint hint*


I would love to have some of the baskets around my house. Absolutely beautiful!


These are very cool! I particularily love the baskets. Are there instructions how to make these? How do you prepare the tee-shirts?

you did a great job!


These are all so fun and beautiful!
I just wanted to stop by and check out your wonderful blog. I saw your article in Artful Blogging and completely resonated with what you wrote. I felt like I was reading my own journal! Thank you for sharing. You are very talented and inspiring!
Have a wonderful day! I will come back soon!
Please come visit my Wildflower Studio blog when you have a chance, I'd love to have you! :)
Be well


What is it about t-shirt yarn that makes it addictive? I just finished my first project- a tote bag. I cannot start another project or I'll never stop. I love your baskets. I'll need to add that to my list! Have you thought of any use for the sleeves?


Hi i adore the rug and baskets can you tell me how tou did them i can crochet lovely blog will be back often Kieren x


I would love to buy some baskets and a rug from you! Seriously! Email me if you are interested. :)


is there a pattern for the t-shirt yarn baskets? Just bought a bunch of shirts at the thrift store and I'm ready to get started.

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