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April 03, 2009



Gloriously fun blog. Can't wait to see what happens with all these!

Sewing, sewing more, a few pastels, watercolors, and tilling my garden, planting a few bulbs and nursing my girl back to good health for the second bought of a bug this month... Have a nice weekend.

kim mailhot

Love your colorful plans !

I have a yard to spring-a-fy and de-dogg-a-fy, and then a trip to the beach in the windy cool NH weather...I hear the waves calling my name...That is sure to inspire some more creative plans !

Happy Sunday !


If planning a haircut counts as creative activity, then that's my plan! ;)

I guess there's no rotary cutting in the t-yarn world, huh...?


Whauw how great that looks! My doughter and me went shopping, and There's a lot of creativity involved to shop the best outfit for not to much monney.(lol) Mother and doughter had a great day!

Randi Nervig

Your daughter looks soooo much like you! And all your crocheting projects get my fingers itching. Here in MN we aren't exactly into outdoor activities yet - probably not till May. I'm making journal covers out of rug canvas and strips of fabric, which is my substitution for crochet hook and yarn. (I actually use a crochet hook to weave the strips through the canvas.)I love your stripey rugs and bags!


you're making me want to make something out of t-shirts!
for the weekend I intend to crochet the edges of a blanket I'm making for my son and make some oreo cookie pops for Easter.


Wow that is impressive. I have seen a few people use t-shirt yarn..if only I could crochet. I love that yoga mat carrier. Well done you, well done :)


i dont know why, but for some reason i found myself thinking, "i havent been on debras site in a while. i think ill have a look." anyway, i remembered that michelle mentioned the yoga bag was here and read many of the articles before getting here. just wanted to say, "thanks" again for my wonderful gift and for getting out the times you do.

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