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September 29, 2008



Maybe there are no words now, start with color and marks on the page. I wish I had had the consolation of art years ago when a similar thing happened to me.

My prayers are with you.

kim mailhot

Being able to appreciate and be grateful for a good day is a strength, you know. We have to do more celebrating of what is "good", I think, when we struggle with how to deal with the "bad". And the great thing about "art" therapy, you don't have to have an appointment or pay the big bucks for it, it is always waiting for us when we need it ! We have a lot of good tools in that tool box, don't we ? Now we just have to remember to use them.
May this day be another "good" one !


I love all of the colors and patterns you have made. Reminds me of how important Hope is when you feel like you're drowning.


Today was the first time in quite a while that I've stopped by your blog. So sorry to hear of your great loss.
With love & prayers,


i really love the third one down, its beautiful. i am going through the same things right now, and i know that everyone has a song that "speaks" to them - but i thought id share mine with you (why not add another to the list?) "blessed be your name" by tree63 ...


They are all so beautiful! Hope it gets alittle easier for you, hang in there!

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