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April 24, 2008


Barbara H.

This is so valuable -- I am bookmarking this page! Thanks so much.


first off thanks for the great tutorial..
I look at your beautiful designs all the time and drool hehe
but now wondering... can you use this same method for overdying already printed fabrics??
this is something that I will definitely try I have so many acrylic paints and I don't use them any more.
so thanks so much


This is just what i've been looking for!
A way to colour smaller bits of fabric without paying for a whole washingmachine full of clothing. Brilliant!
And perfect, I have just that sort of colour at home.


I just came up with the acrylic paint idea myself (thinking about all the clothes that those drops of stray paint have ruined!). I did not think about doing trim and just painting it on though. What I did is use a plastic container (the one I used was from cotton candy we got at Sam's Club-or like what soup comes in when you get a to-go order) filled about halfway and added the paint, lid on and shake, put in your fabric (I did a baby t-shirt) and shake. Really easy and small volume.
I wandered over here from BariJ's, adding you to my list of blog rotation :)


this is awesome - and inspiring! yes, i can see how this could become addictive.

thank you for commenting on I Made It Monday! hope to see you there again. :)


Your so supercreative! Love the idea! (^_^)

Tara D.

Thank you for putting this tutorial together. I've been searching for the perfect blue trim, but I think I'll just dye it myself.


This tutorial absolutely bowls me over in its creativity and beauty- thank you for sharing this fantastic idea!

Elaine/Muddling Through

Great idea! Thanks. I can see the possibilities.....


Thank you for this! What a terrific idea.


This is brilliant! What a great idea! I have loads of lace scraps that are a boring white! I know what to do with them now! :-)


Wow, great idea and tutorial. I have been wanting to dye fabric for a while but kept thinking RIT was what I'd use. Standard but boring. Probably why I haven't dyed anything yet! Your method looks a hundred times more fun and offers more room for creativity. Plus it's cheaper. Thank you so much for sharing this. Your creations are wonderful!


Your tutorial is *exactly* what I was looking for: thank you very much for it.

As soon as possible I will have a go at that :-)


Thanks for the tutorial! What a great idea. I love the colors you selected and the colors in your work, they are so vibrant!

Bacon Pecan Pie

Thanks for the great tutorial! I will have to try it soon.


Love your tutorial, Koolaid also works and is cheap, they have bright colors and fun names like tropical mango cabana punch. I also use mason jars to put my fabric in and shake up.

Your projects are full of fun and crazy spontaniety!!!! Yippee!!

Natelier Gypsie Vintage

It's a Super idea! I want to trye and I show you (sorry for my english...)


Thanks for the tutorial! I did it too:

The Crafty Cottage

Just Brilliant!!!!! I went to TN and visited a friend. She took me to a lace shop. I bought all of their remnents (20 grocery bags stuffed full) and shipped it home. I've given lots away but still have one of those very large rubbermade storage bins left. Thank you for reviving my thoughts on this bin full of lace. Some of it I was seriously going to toss because it's straight from the factory and has all of the extra still threading attached/yards of it needs to be cleaned up to make it like the stuff you buy in the stores. Now I feel it is sooo worth the work. You deserve to win this contest! If there's a voting system please let me know and I'll be sure to vote for you.


THANK YOU!!! I am running an Art & Drama summer camp with a Dr. Seuss theme for twenty-two 6-1o year olds. I was looking for an inexpensive way to dye cotton tee shirts and this is perfect. You made my day!


OH MY GOD you're so smart!!! i love this! i never ever thought of using acrylic. i'm definitely going to try this on some trims.

so wait, they are machine washable? so let's say if i have a bright pink trim i can sew it with white fabric and it will be ok.....?

M&J Trimming

This is a wonderful idea. Who would have known it can easily be done at home.


oh yeah! I can't wait to try this!! thanks for the tutorial.


What a wonderful idea! I tried it myself and the trims turned out very vibrant! The only thing is... I heat set them like the tutorial states, then ran them under water to get rid of some of the stiffness and mine bled. :( I read up on dyeing fabrics and such and i found it beld because the paint doesn't bind all the way through the fiber. Have you machine washed yours without problem of bleeding or fading? Thanks for the tutorial though, its still awesome!


Awesome tutorial and idea! I am going to have to try this. Now I can have any color trim I want, and don't have to search and search for it...Thanks!


Fantastic tutorial!!!

I came across with this tutorial and i simply love it! I will bookmark your blog (if you don't mind...), so i can came back over and over again!!!

Thank you for sharing so much great ideas!!!



This is simply brilliant! Looks like I've got something to play with this weekend!

Barbara Dunford

Just wanted to thank you for this great tutorial I discovered whilst surfing the net. I have tried this with various kinds of lace and even scrim and it works a treat - I now have so many different pieces of lace in all the beautiful shades I like to work with. Thank you so much!



Hi, I just found this tute from Sewing with Mama, and thanks bunches for it. I bought for one dollar at a church auction a big box of trims. When I got how I realized 80 percent of the trims are white. I never thought about dying them until now. Now it is time for fun fun fun. And it makes me glad I got the box of trims. Donna Rae


Thank you, your tutorial is very useful !

Sarah from Create Studio

This is a fabulous tutorial! I can't wait to try it! I'm adding your tutorial to my to do list on my blog! Thanks!
-Sarah from Create Studio

Abi Monroe

Thank you for this tutorial - simply perfect! I was searching google for help on how to dye fabric using acrylics - your blog came up first, and I'm glad it did!
I will continue to be an avid follower!

Tara FInlay

I am taking Mary Ann's class and wanted some colorful laces so I am going to try this!!!

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Chereese Ajuluchukuprinze

july 25, 2010

Just ran across this site I laughed when I saw the snap tape in your stash as I bought some today dyed it orange and after putting in dryer, it turned yellow so I pulled out my paint and painted it orange, it's out back drying. Just to let you know you have to set paint with an iron and it won't bleed. For some reason it does.nt work in the dryer like something dyed does. If you look on acrylic bottles it telles you to heat set with an iron. Hope this helps.

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