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August 28, 2007


Lisa Pijuan-Nomura

You inspired me to put some music links on my blog, although you can clearly see that i am not so cool with my music choices...perhaps a bit too cheesy! Thanks for the comment, glad you liked the beads and the displays.

Michelle Ward

debra - thanks for joining the music crusade and for sharing your deep thoughts about your selections. interesting about them playing on the night kurt was found and then....whew.


Wow. That's some deep stuff. I think I need to go listen to something light and fluffy now.



I have the "bee" CD. Love that song, No Rain. I did not know thier lead had died. so sad!


how tragic. that first song is amazing. I love that girls voice. maybe it is my age (35), but there was some great music made in the 90's.

Carolyn Guidry

I've loved Blind Melon since high school. A lot of their lyrics are very profound to me. May favorite would have to be 'Seed to a Tree'... -Its a fine line between love and what I'm feelin' for you...-

Thats a wonderful lyric.

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