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June 15, 2007


Linda Woods

Excellent tutorial! Thank you!


PERFECT tutorial! Good job--no GREAT job. Eagerly awaiting your next one.

sarah the kiwigirl

Only found your blog yesterday and already am a HUGE fan! Your art is incredible, thanks for sharing the instructions for the stencil that is awesome will give it a go for sure!


This is so awesome!!! Great stencil you cut out, too. I have that card set--really fun!!!
I had to go online and check out some of the artists she mentioned. The shadow photos of Fred Ressler were very interesting---actually kinda unnerving! ...those faces peeking out from the shadows.


You are so generous with your techniques. Thank you! I have never done a stencil of myself, but it might be fun! I look forward to your future tutorials!


What a fabulous tutorial!


this is really cool... your portrait stencil looks so glamorous. hmm, stencils, that would make a great topic for Inspire Me Thursday... ;)

i've been out of the blog loop for a bit, glad to rediscover yours, lots of inspiring bits here.

Catherine Witherell

Hi Debra, I agree, this is a great idea, and a very good tutorial. I am going to try it soon. And thank you so much for coming to visit me and commenting. It made my day!


Great blog! And I can't wait to try stencils of myself. It hadn't occurred to me to try a self-portrait that way.



This is totally COOL! Love how your self portrait came out, & this is a fantastic tutorial.


Deryn Mentock

This is so way cool! Thanks for walking us through!


Ok, where do I stsrt? First of all, this is the most excellent tutorial I've ever read. I cannot understand photoshop...or anything techi with more than 2 steps, but wow, I may actually try something like this now! Second, you did an amazing job artistically, the picture is beautiful. I have Wide Open, but read a card at a time. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with too much info. Thanks again for sharing such an clear, concise and interesting tutorial! :) Lia


Hey Girl-
I just found your blog off of MaryAnns blog and love your stencil! It has motivated me to do some more. I love your blog and those handmade papers. Looks like you have joined the ranks of us mail art junkies. Thanks for mentioning my book.


Hi, I tagged you - to do 8 random facts about yourself...would love if you accepted!


This is so amazing! Ive had Phototshop Elements for a year & am too scared to play with it, it confuses me to the max, maybe one day i can do this!!
~happy summer~

Lisa Hoffman

Brilliant. Thanks for your generosity.
This blog is just fizzing and bubbling over.
LOVE it!

Lisa H.


hey debra! wow, comment-o-rama!
I got your cd last week and finally just listened to it! I love it!!! I know about half of the songs. Can you email me the playlist, pretty please??
rockin' tutorial, by the way!


debra - what a generous post! great tutorial. i've never done one of these - you make it look so easy i may try it. bravo for encouraging custom stencil cutting of any kind!!


Thank you for the wonderful tutorial and inspiration! I tried it and posted the results on my blog. There is room for improvement, but it was fun and interesting. Thanks again!


I loved the tutorial. I followed Mary Ann's link and discovered your blog. I immediately added you to my blogroll.

Today I tried a self-portrait stencil. It turned out pretty good for a first one. Now I just need to learn how to spray the paint without moving the stencil.

You can see my efforts here http://on-the-banks-of-bay-creek.blogspot.com/2007/07/i-got-up-today-looking-forward-to.html


this makes me want to begin NOW. and infact, I think I wil.
thank you for this perfectly put together, inspiring tutotial!!

Nona Parry

This is Wonderful! Who'd a thunk? Thanks for the great tute!

Nona Parry

This is Wonderful! Who'd a thunk? Thanks for the great tute!

Nona Parry

This is Wonderful! Who'd a thunk? Thanks for the great tute!


Thanks for the tutorial and inspiration!


Hello! I saw you over at MMCA, and came to check this out. This is great!!!You could even do some Andy Warhol type prints with this. I was looking at Threshold the other day, but it did not occur to me to make a stencil!! Thank you for this great info.


Louise Horsley

Hey I really love this tutorial! (Your entire website appeals to me, actually!) I've been stuck for ideas for my self portrait assignment for art class and this really helped me out.
Is it okay if I use some of your pictures in my journal? (Referenced, of course)



Just wanted to thank you for the EXCELLENT directions. Spent a few hours creating stencils over the past couple of days and HAD SOOOO MUCH FUN!! I was really pleased with the result too!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!



Awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing this! (Also, the picture of yourself you used is GORGEOUS!)


thanks, ive been looking for a way to convert images into the black and white format you show other than grey tones as ive been tryin to make several stencils for a few days now. any ideas hwo i can photo shop or a similar software without payin a stupid amoutn for it :P


you are amazing--thank you!


GREAT TUTORIAL! You explained everything perfectly! Thanks a lot! I will definitely try to do one stencil of my own... :)




I have experimented with other ways of stencil but im definitely going to try this out. i think your beautiful by the way. you should love what you see.


I have experimented with other ways of stencil but im definitely going to try this out. i think your beautiful by the way. you should love what you see.




I am a Chinese boy.You are a great teacher!!!

peggy gatto

Absolutely fascinating! Excellant tutorial, thank you so much!!!


i found you through kelly snelling's post - wonderful tutorial, thank you so very much for sharing here - it is thorough, just what i need, and i feel like i want to try it out now.


i forgot to ever comment and tell you i've used your tutorial with great success. here's one example of it.


thank you so much for sharing this!


U forget about bridges beetween black spaces, but overall its very nice tutorial ;)


dats cool!!


your self portrait are amazing


i use your face to go tagging


oh my goodness!!! WONDERFUL tutorial!! thank you for posting it!! :) I want to do this for my sister's new twin baby girls.

Jenny K

wow! this was really helpful. I'm 14, but really into this, its been a great help, especially about the best paper to use for the stencil. i have just been doing them with print paper. thank you!

Jenny K

is there a way to take away the natural shadows on the face on word? i dont have photoshop.


OMG, this is so cool. I am so going to do this today. Thanks for an awesome tutorial...you really outdid yourself.
Peace & Love,


I gotta try this! Thanks


Thanks!!!..i really love it..

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