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June 05, 2007



I've gotta agree with you about packaging. I always figure that if folks are buying something from me through my Etsy shop then they're interested in the human touch. Anyone can run out to Target and buy a stuffed toy so deciding to buy from an individual shop owner means that they deserve special treatment. I like to package my creatures as if they're little gifts. It sort of like you're buying a gift for yourself so I do my best to package it as prettily as possible. I always include an extra little treat and a thank you note.

Your papers are very lovely!


Beautiful papers, Debra! I love the depth and pattern.



Love the papers! I find if I spend a few hours in front of the computer, I am drained. I think it is cool that you go the extra mile to make your packaging special. You don't find that in modern consumer America.

Mary Ann

Wait....I'll be back. Gotta go take my thorazine. Those patterened papers are almost exactly like the ones covering the inside of my mind. Tres fabulous little black kitty! You've gone and outdone yourself. The journal pages in the current post are WAY cool. I love the doodling or stamps or whatever they are in the bottom left on the 2nd page.


OMG, I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one who can eat up time like it was Skittles. Y-O-Y does everything take me so loooooong? Awesome stenciling!


yeah- you are so right. I spend too much time with my art as well. I wish I didnt need to sleep- that would help. Well, at least we are spending our time doing something we really enjoy. Maybe that is healthier than sleeping- a better stress reliever? Of course, I dont agree with that when my kids wake me up at 6:30am!

love the blog- i found you thru Mary ann's site.


what to say i praise of this blog, which contains a lot of amazing information as well as the thoughtful writes.

Thomas Marino

Hi, Debra, I am curious about the paper thin stencils. What is the name of them? (Pink)??

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