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May 14, 2007



Slick Sticks! I've never tried them! And Oh the joy that you can write one them! Even better! I am a true believer in using what you have and that it doesn't take expensive supplies to create something wonderful! Excellent post! xoxo Nance


erm ahh I made a typo lol I meant "over" not "one". :D


debra - so glad to have you join in the crusade! i know what you mean about wanting to post more stuff to your own blog...glad the little prompt got you to share your cheap tricks. never seen those crayola sticks...need to find them! and blow-pens...one of my faves! you're right, the kids aisle always has good stuff. thanks again!


I love the Slick Stix! Getting kid's their own art supplies doesn't end when they get bigger.. my kid is 18 and she still gloms onto my cool stuff. Great blog, btw.


Love your cheap art supplies suggestions! Thanks :)


i've seen these pens but don't think i can find them here. the first ones sound really great!!

Becky New

Ooohhhh! Great ideas! I used those blow-pens YEARS ago... you got my wheels turning to bring them back into my art now. hee hee! :D

Crafty Green Poet

I love kids art supplies too!


i need to find some of those slick stick things! cool that you can write over them!

Penny Stuart

LOVE your ideas! Your layouts are too cool for words!


Aaaaah! This is the answer to my prayers! I have 4 girls that are constantly hovering over my supplies, even though I've bought them their own. Mine are a little nicer but like you, I buy the cheaper kid stuff (yeay cray-pas!)And they BEG to use it. Duh! Just buy 2 of everything.


??? were could i find those magic blow pens i can't find any at the stores. they look great


very interesting. i'm adding in RSS Reader

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