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August 21, 2006



What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother! I know working with images of my grandmother when she was a girl gives me a sense of connection and reminds me I am from a long line of strong women.

I, too, get very anxious when stitching on paper. I am always afraid I am going to rip through the paper and destroy the image.

I loved the bounty of fabric you received. I can not wait to see what you create. :-)


emma always tells people she goes "to homeschool" too. i wonder if she'll be disappointed when she finds out there's no school bus involved!

beautiful, beautiful paper collage.
and gorgeous fabric!


Imagine my suprise and delight as I sat here at work on my lunch hour blog hopping, and all of a sudden I came across the page you did for my art journal!!!! It is so beautiful! and I just love that it is about your grandma!! Grandmas are so important! Thank you so much for posting this and thank you for the wonderful job you did!! I can't wait to see it! I love the stitching! I want to learn how to do that!!


i love your collage piece!! and yes, i agree, she is quite stunning!! sounds like an interesting project.
oh!! and great fabric finds!! :)

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ )

I love love love your collage !! Great and beautiful job !


Beautiful Collage!!Love all the papers you mixed together and the lovely photo of your grandmother. FANTASTIC!!!


The embellishment on your journal is fabulous. I love the seed-type pattern all around your grandmother's picture. Whenever I order from Hancock's I always go troll through their sale fabrics, lots of finds. Have fun with all of your picks.


What a yummy page for Laura's book, lucky gal! I love all the sewing you did even if it is on paper. Fun new stash of fabric, can't wait to see how you put it to use.


great fabrics & I love your collage. Cute blog!

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