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July 13, 2006


Darlene Weigle

I really liked how that turned out! :) I love the attention you have to detail.


how fun to look back on these old photos. I have a large tub of photos from high school on, everytime I move I drag them with me...one of these days I'm going to get organized!!

and your artjournal page is beautiful!


The page is beautiful. I love all the little bits and pieces and yet your eye is drawn to the mountains. I lived in Colorado Springs for several years and it is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

Crafty Green Poet

This is a lovely piece of art - what a wonderful thing to do with old photos. I have a few duplicate photos too and you've inspired me to try to do something with them! Lovely story too - it is so inspiring to see mountains for the first time. They always inspire me!


Although I haven't been there in over 20 years, I do remember that the Rockies are inspiring indeed. Your work incorporating photos from your recent trip is stunning. But as awestruck as I was by the rugged mountain beauty, I'm even more in awe of your work, creativity and lifestyle. And by the way, I proudly carry my littleblackkittyART purse. Not only is it beautiul and one of my most prized accessories, but it is also very functional -- my cell phone and keys fit neatly in the inside pocket, my employee ID, checkbook and calendar (and sometime a notepad and pens) go in the outside pocket with plenty of room inside for my wallet, make-up bag, brush and body spray -- and sturdy. I use it quite often and I'm hard on purses -- as you probably noticed from the amount of stuff I carry. How you find time to do this on top of caring for your two angels (oh, yeah 3 counting John) and running a household, I'll never know.

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