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May 30, 2006


Tracy Wilkinson

Hi Debra,
I just found your blog a few weeks ago. I wanted you to know that I really enjoy your entries, photos and general candor about your life. I'm glad that you're feeling better!
The fused towels are just beautiful! what a cool technique! I'm definitely not a great stitcher on a machine, but I can think of a bunch of applications for that "fabric". If you know which issue of the mag you found the instructions in, I'd love to know. Perhaps I can find the back issue somewhere?
Thanks for sharing!
Take care,

melanie komisarski

wow, this is beautiful. i just love the free motion stitching (i really need to get the hang of it, i just love the results)! i bet the gold thread is just stunning!


ok-i can not even imagine how you make fabric from paper towels, but the outcome is beautiful... i love your freehand sewing. i' digging that lately, too...

Sue Shelton

Debra -- That fabric is awesome! I believe I remember reading the Cloth Paper Scissors article that you referenced. I'll have to dig around. I must admit that sewing machines intimidate me a bit, but one of my goals with the Alphabetica project is to get out of my box creatively. Thanks for sharing your wonderful creation.


wow, that's lovely. found your blog through vintage pleasure, and i'm glad i did -- your work is beautiful.


oops -- meant to write that it was a link from mommycoddle. :)


Paper towels? Well... who would've thought!! I guess I should read my Paper, Cloth, Scissors more carefully. ;) It's lovely! BTW, my mind has been very carefully working out what it's going to do in that beautiful book of yours!


Debra, these are so cool! I want to try it. Now tell me.. what is the trick to sewing with metallic thread? Mine keep breaking in my machine (whimper) and I love the look but I get soooo frustrated when they keep breaking.... help!!

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