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January 31, 2011



Sounds like heaven. Something tells me that art night would not go over well in my own house, as my husband has OCD. But it's a lovely idea all the same.

Pueblo, eh? Yeah, doesn't sound like that's anywhere near Virginia. ;)


I love this... we do something similar, but rotate houses and only do it once a month. We have not tried collaborative art yet... maybe we should!! I love it!!

Shannon Ganshorn

Wow - I wish I lived in your neighborhood! What a cool night! I especially love the "take a break" canvas... You're so inspiring!


Shannon Ganshorn

P.S. Any chance that the painting with the single large heart off to the side is for sale? It makes me feel warm :)


what a brilliant idea!


there's some beautiful art being created there!!



Timaree (freebird)

Wow. This sounds great. Wish I was near Pueblo but I am in a rural spot in Arizona. I think the creativity shown here is fantastic and although I am not there, I am going to try painting like this on a canvas! Keep sharing and we'll feel a bit like we are there - now where's that brush and oh yeah, gotta get some chocolate!

Misty Kirkland

Ok, if I start now, I might be there by friday night, lol. Awww, that looks like so much fun. They do something like that here & they charge $45 a night. Someone tried to get me to host one, but I don't have anywhere to do one. Everyone's paintings are amazing, wish I was there!

Paula Bogdan

Oh, wow! I really really wish I lived nearby! This is aboslutely just amazing stuff and the "tribe" that you're building even more so. I love them all, but the one with poppies really grabs my heart!

Marci Glenn

Wow this is amazing. Can you share your process in setting up the night and how you decided who do invite? I would love to host something like this.


I am an art teacher in a primary school and one of the staff members has asked me to do something like this as a part of our after school social activities, I think I might now. I like the idea of the collaborative work too.
Also I love your lamp shade, it is beautiful. Did you paint it yourself?

The Dreaming Bear

What fun!!!! This looks like a total blast...and the work that came out is amazing!


Oh wow!!! These paintings are so, so beautiful!! I love them!! Such great inspiration. Wish I could b there.

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