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November 12, 2008


The Odd Bird

Please put my name in the drawing... I'll add your link to my blog at The Oddbird Studio.


yummy - the imperfect is perfect in my eyes - please toss an eb in your hat...

xox - eb.


You are so amazing and creative! I don't know why you were ever concerned about displaying your art? You should know that you are an inspiration to others, and know you are such a talented person.

By the way, I love your new blue walls and the new corner.

amber johnson

beautiful artwork. Love it!

Sally Mae

I love your work!! It is truly beautiful! You are an inspiration!

Lin Neiswender

I'd be thrilled to have you handmade journal! Lover-lee!


I have posted about your giveaway at

what a fabulous journal.

Suzanne Popalardo

I just found you through a link and wow! love the texture and colors in your journal and the handpainted papers you've been working on. Fun to do those, isn't it? Not perfect....who cares? That journal would be a joy to have! Who needs perfect anyway?


hello debra,
i came here via zom's blog... she told everyone you are giving away a gorgeous journal :) and it IS gorgeous... i suspect you could sell this :) but it is a choice and it is really awesome of you to make this lovely gesture :))))) i shall put your link in my blog :) and will come back for more of your work from time to time :) in the meantime, happy giving away and God bless.
"luthien" :)


your beautiful journal tempt me to start an art journal immediately. :)


oh thank you for this...this is fun....i just started journaling!!!



What a wonderful giveaway! I'm making art-journaling my creative priority for the rest of the year and 2009, so winning this gorgeous journal would simply be perfect :-)

Mrs B.

Just found your blog through DeeDee's blog! It's so wonderful!

I just posted my very first foray into art journaling on my blog. How great would it be to win such a beautiful journal?

Barb (aka Craft Junkie)

OMG, how beautiful! These will sell like hotcakes when you list them on your Etsy...they are fabulous. I would soooo love to have one of your "less than perfects"...that would be awesome.

Oh, and to give credit, Zom sent me cause she thought your journals are great, too. *smile*

Peace & Love,


I'll de-lurk for that. I am a bibliophile in the most literal sense of the word, loving not only books of fiction or history or science, but blank books. I've bound a few in my time but never regularly; maybe I'll start that again some time.

Yay for inspiration.


oh, I love-love-love this :)


Please add my name to the list for this beauticious journal!!! So sweet to offer it for a give-away. I put a link on my blog to spread the word. Thanks!



Hi, I just learned about your wonderful journal giveaway from a blog I visit regularly so I thought I should enter and give it a try. I also posted about your contest. I just love the journal. I left my page url so apparently you click on my name(I tried it already) and you are sent to my page. Lol I'm on blogger so I don't know how typepad works.


Oh, just lovely...:) Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks kindly...xx


I would be honored to make your fabulous journal mine! Yippee!


I have written in a journal for 45 of my 49 years. It's the single thing that I have done consistantly throughout my life. I have every one of them (but two that I lost along the way). It used to be the thing I said I'd take in a fire, as I could lose all else if I had to, but now they stack into about 14 uniform boxes, and that would be impossible.

Oddly, I never read back in them, but I assume there will be time for that when I'm in a rocking chair.... or not.

I collect journals, am always looking for just the right one for the place I am in. I take great care in the choice of the next one as I finish the last. I would love to be entered in your drawing. Thanks for doing it. It's a beautiful journal!


PS: I will add this to my blog as you suggest. I have three actually, all connected to my profile. I think it would be fitting on the one called Looky Here, ( http://lookyhereu.blogspot.com/)

But please do visit the other two.... Adventures in Nature and a New Yorker in Houston. They all can be accessed through this link:


Beautiful journal, Debra, as usual!! I am 1. entering and 2. letting you know I spread the word on my blog. :)

miz katie

Looks like I don't stand a chance, but I'm still gonna try. :) I'd love to win. Oh, and I twittered about it here:

Raven P.

Such gorgeous, multifaceted work you do. It is really unique and inspiring! I'm going to check out your Etsy store now. And I agree- you Could sell something with imperfections with the nature of your work being quirky, unique and handmade.


i am a huge journaler and would love a personal creation!!

Joanie Hoffman

thanks for the giveaway, i'm off to post it on my blog!
happy days,


what an incredible and unique journal! Who wouldn't LOVE to win that?!!! I will definitely put your link on my site as well, you do such wonderful art! Thanks for the great giveaway chance!


So pretty - a great way to make art out of daily recollections.


thats cool! i love the journals when will they be in your etsy store?


These are so attractive.... I want one anyway.. "No you dont" says journal, "you have me..."

I am so fickle

get zapped

Oh, what a beautiful journal and gift you're bestowing on a lucky blogger:) I found you through the wonderful Studio Lolo.

Thank you for your generosity :)

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

Really lovely job on this journal. Less than perfect is how I prefer most things! Sending you creative vibes and happy thoughts.


You make some wonderful journals!

diane hall

nice little books you made and your wrapping paper is lovely.


Wayfaring Wanderer

It looks perfect to me! It's lovely :)


Delurking to say: Wowza! What a prize! I woulda bought it from etsy, creased pages and all!

shannon almanzar

if you don't pick me......it's over!


Wow a last minute discovery and entry! The journals are just gorgeous. I have entered a triathlon training program beginning in the new year and this would be an extra special way to keep notes on my times and session details..... raise three small children, craft, blog, fall in love with my hubby all over again, read, draw, and run? Can I do it all? I'll give it a go.
Beautiful blog :)


Love the journals! and thanks for the chance to win one! Thanks, Wendy

Carole Brungar

I would love to enter this draw!!!!!!!!!
Carole (pick me, pick me!)


awww this is so beautiful, I would love to win!


That is a beautiful journal. I am here from Open Apologies. Your art is beautiful. Your colors are wonderful.


I love this journal! Gorgeous and fun--i'm already mentally filling it with words!


Hi Debra'

What a GORGEOUS journal. I'm too late to enter the draw, but I am SO looking forward to opening my very own gift from you this Christmas. It looks so tempting sitting with the other gifts in my cabinet. (patience, patience!)
xo arlene (day #5 dozen days swap!)

Teri Leigh

Don't know if it is too late but I love your journal. How fun.

Jamie V

Maybe too late? But these journals are wonderful! Jamie V in MT


who won? im so nosy. will the journals be listed today on etsy too?

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