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November 08, 2007



Oh, I needed to hear this today. This has been on my mind, too, for a few months now. We've begun some changes, but it IS slippery. Thank you for putting your thoughts out there and encouraging me to die another small death to consumerism so that I might truly live more fully and know the Truth. Freedom - not chains.


I love this post. And I agree with it. The more stuff you have the more time it takes to take care of it. And bigger isn't better. I really need to zen-ify again and just throw stuff out or give it away. I think of earlier times in the 1900s when women cleaned and did laundry for 10 kids and then I realize oh well they only had one or two outfits each so really it's the same as a family of 3 nowadays. I like the idea of getting rid of all the crap and keeping only the things you really love. And you make room for nice things that you will treasure not "stuff" you buy when it's on sale. Very important topic this time of year too.


Gorgeous picture!
Woo I think everyone can relate with your fab post, well definitely crafting parents anyway!
I now have a good sized studio to use since immigrating to NZ from England - I had the dining table before!! But I swear I had more ideas and saw them through with less frustrations because of not using up my mountain of fabrics and other arty stuff!
So, yes you're right on recognising that we just want bigger to fill it up and make us feel even more muddled! It'll take me a few years to use up everything but I'm going to give it a try and then slowly I'll be down-sizing ha.


I think you are absolutely right!

A few years ago my DH lost his job and we were faced with the possibility of moving across the country and trading 2400 sf for 1000 sf (if we were lucky). I spent that summer clearing out, looking at each thing and deciding if it was worth moving across country. I got rid of so much! DH found a job locally, but it felt so good and I am ready to do it again!

I gave a lot of stuff away through freecycle.org - many people glad to have what I no longer needed.

To get my kids on board, we have found a charity that is dear to us, and we donate their stuff. It helps them to let go when they know they are helping someone else. The younger you start with this - the easier it gets when they're older.

Best wishes!!!


Loved this post. In fact, it touched a real nerve, and I quoted and linked to you in my blog this morning.

Seems it is an issue for a lot of us (but somehow I never hear a guy talk about it -- perhaps because its we women that must DEAL with all this stuff -- including theirs!)

I'll be watching with interest to see if you find answers which I'm hoping to borrow!


Boy, I really needed to hear this. My husband and I sold our house two years ago, out of necessity, and moved into a 2 bedroom apartment. We had been in that house for 24 years, and the amount of stuff we had accumulated, even with frequent weedings, was incredible.
We HAD to downsize, and at first it felt very liberating, but our collecting habits soon took over again, and now we feel crowded, and have been thinking about moving to a larger apt.
Your post has made me think about the wisdom of this, do we need more space, or less stuff?

Shani Thomas

Amen! I'm with you on this one. Stuff, stuff, stuff!!! When is enough ever enough? And at what point does what we "own" begin to own us?!


Hallelujah! Sister.
It's so true and never more apparent for moi than at the Holiday time of year. "I don't want anything for Christmas!!" And no one believes me. *Sigh*


love this post - this is along the lines I think of often. Dan Ho is an inspiration in this regard. There's was an article on him in the new york times where he explains his philosophy on living life with less.

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